First of all we are music lovers. We love play music, read about music and finally listen to the music. Listening of a live music is an experience that cannot be reproduced in our living room. Unfortunately live concerts are very often suffered from bad acoustics or just badly amplified despite of proffesional sound system used. In such cases home music reproducing appears to be appealing alternative. The only condition is we take care of proper quality audio equipment.
Listening to the music at home has also one big advantage: we could hear live concerts of artists from passed ages whose listening live priviledge was not given to us. When we additionally reproduce it from original source like vinyl record (first press not a modern edition) then we will have absolutely new and unique experience of touching the real history. It’s impossible to copy vinyl records as a internet files endlessly. Finally, when we realize that quality of vinyl recordings can be not worse and even better than from modern CD or computer files and when we listen to it using tube equipment – the same like was probably used during recording session – then we can feel real magic. We created our equipment exactly for that.
We convince you to listen to the music in the way that it is not only background for other activities. Put the record on a platter, wait a while to warm up the tubes, dim the light, sit in comfortable armchair and let virtually move yourself to the concert hall or recording studio and try understand artist message.
Things overcoming their physical limitation are our passion. We see much more but only set of materials processed and asembled together to provide practical functionality. We see spirited vision and special passion of designers, their unwonted ambition of perfectionism. We care about things sorrounding us to be unique and made by hands of people who love what they do. Making of beautiful everyday objects is our mission. In our opinion it is important to foster tradition of doing things with passion in our „mass market” world. We observe with a great satisfaction that there are more and more people thinking like us around. There are more of those who already aprreciated our products as well.


We would like to introduce our product offer to you. Have a nice listening,

Wiesław Zawada & Jacek Siwiński