Our MT-2 turntable is a result of experience and findings from the Mr. Black / MT-1 development. It has the most valuable features of it’s predecessor but is much simpler and optimized in every detail. With MT-1 shares the main bearing, multi layer acrylic main board and our unique levelling system. Also the motor drive is of the same type (UE made, precision speed, 230V synchronous AC motor) but it’s now mounted in a heavy-weight housing in order to avoid vibrations and sits on the table/ground directly. All those features result in vibration damping level close to MT-1 without use of its complicated and costly coil spring suspension system and oil damping.
Our new turntable is also more flexible thanks to easily adjustable arm board and can be equipped with many popular tonearms of effective length in the 9 to 12” range. The platter is all acrylic 40mm thick and weights 3.5kg which is enough to ensure good level of RPM speed stability.
For a very demanding user, MT-2 can be upgraded with our advanced power supply / PSC (Precision Speed Controller), that utilizes unique InteliClamp® with electronic module to measure the actual speed of the platter.
Muarah MT-2 turntable is available as a set with 9” Jelco tonearm (SA-750D/DB) or 12” tonearm (SA-750L/LB). It can be also sold as a deck only – w/o tonearm.



Platter weight 3.5 kg
Turntable total weight 11 kg
Width  47,5 cm (with 9” tonearm) 54cm (with 12” tonearm)
Length  40 cm
Height (without record clamp and tonearm)  17 cm
Platter height  4 cm
pivot to spindle distance min. 210 / max. 295mm
Record speed 33 1/3 RPM / 45 RPM, manual change
Drive AC synchronous motor, belt drive
Power supply 230V, 50Hz



Test & Reviews

High Fidelity issue (Polish edition) 11/2018: TEST: Muarah Audio MT-2 + PSC | turntable + speed controller.